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You worked hard for your money and now want a better return, but you don't want to spend your leisure and relaxation time staring at charts. The Money Pouch is an automated trading and investment service that invests your money for you.

Our proven trading algorithms work around the clock to deliver the best execution and automatically adjusts the stock/bond mix every month.

University education is becoming increasingly expensive, so saving early is crucial to safeguard your children's future.

  • No sign up fees, no cost to leave and no hidden fees

  • Minimum investment is 10,000 USD; larger nominal returns for investments of 100,000 USD - 5,000,000 USD

  • Historically higher than average returns through smart ETF selection

  • Low cost index funds (ETFs) from iShares, Vanguard, Direxion, Powershares and ProShares

  • Fees are only 0.08% per month

  • You are allowed one free withdrawal per month

  • Accounts are held by the custodians Citibank and accounts are insured up to $30m by Lloyds of London

  • Set up an account for both yourself and your partner

  • Set up Trust Accounts and International Pension Plans for tax efficiency

  • We can also help businesses with auto enrollment to set up a pension fund for employees


World Class Investment Strategies

The Money Pouch uses well known ETF strategies developed by world renowned authors and investment managers such as the "Ivy League Portfolio" from David Swensen, the endowment fund manager at Yale University. We develop these ideas and take them to the next level by using best execution trading algorithms to buy in at the best time. We buy and sell ETFs monthly automatically on your behalf to lock in profits and/or minimise losses

Our investment team is led by experts qualified in the field of financial advice and investment management. We add that expertise to a growing staff of software engineers, programmers, data scientists and specialists with skills in quantitative finance, software development & algorithmic trading. Our lead architects have an average experience of 15 years in their fields of expertise.

Our investment management team, Hudson James Investment Management ("HJIM") is licenced and regulated in the British Virgin Islands. HJIM carries a "Category 3: Investment Management" licence under The Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 ("the act").


    Do You Want More Free Time?

    Most people don't have time to trade during the day. Trying to get the best execution price for trades can also be frustrating. How many people do you know that have time to sit around and spend hours trading stocks? Our proven computer algorithms work around the clock 24/7, they never get tired and never complain. You will sleep well knowing that your investments are being automatically monitored day and night. Our computer algorithms work around the clock to protect your portfolio by minimising risk.



    Investment Features

    Hassle Free Investing

    We automatically invest your money given your risk score with academically proven approaches such as Modern Portfolio Theory. We then monitor and rebalance your portfolio automatically. You get a great investment with no hassle and no work, leaving you with more leisure time.


    Maximize Gains Whilst Minimising Risk

    It’s a bad idea to try to time the market via frequent trades. So, The Money Pouch invests your money in Index-like Funds and rebalances the stock/bond weighting monthly automatically to adjust to your risk level.


    Diversified Portfolio

    Stocks and bonds typically have a negative correlation of around -0.5. So, when stock markets start to slide, investors rush to the safety of US treasuries (bonds). Holding a diversified portfolio makes your portfolio stronger and more robust to downside risks.


    Robot Traders Work 24/7

    Our computer algorithms work round the clock. Unlike humans, they never get tired and never let emotion rule their trading strategy. They also have fail-safes built in to go to cash in bear markets (falling markets).


    Tax Reduction / Inheritance Planning

    For those with higher amounts to invest, please ask us about our trust services. We offer QROPS & QNUPS for British expats, offshore solo-401k's for Americans and many other types of trust for tax reduction and estate planning. Trusts can also help protect against costly litigat


    Low Cost Fees

    The only fee we charge is 0.008% per month. That is it for investment management, administration and our computer algorithms to work for you 24/7 to get best trading results. Our custodians charge just 0.005 USD per share for trading. We don't charge any further commission on tr



    Security is Our Top Priority

    • Safety & security are our top priority
    • Bank-level security means your personal data is safe
    • Customer accounts are protected by the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) and Interactive Brokers has $5 billion under management
    • ETF shares held in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details, please visit
    • All securities held are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and are regulated by the SEC. We follow a strict set of rules designed to protect investor accounts
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