Tax Efficient Investing

Improve returns by lowering your taxes!

Improve returns by lowering your taxes!

Tax Efficiency

Smart Tax Choices

The G20 is working on closing tax loopholes around the world. However, there are legal ways to set up your finances to reduce your tax burden. If you are an expat, why are you still paying taxes on your pension whilst you live abroad?

Please contact us about our tax-efficient pension structures and trusts which can be used to reduce your tax bill for yourself and your heirs.

The MoneyPouch is the most tax-efficient way to invest your money


Index Funds

Unlike actively managed mutual funds, index funds have very little turnover, which means you incur much lower capital gains taxes.


Intelligent Dividend Reinvesting

By using dividends to add to your portfolio throughout the year, we minimise asset sales which would lower your realised capital gains.


Tax-Optimized Withdrawals

Regardless of the size of withdrawal, The Money Pouch ensures your remaining portfolio is diversified and also sells shares based on your cost basis. As a result, The Money Pouch minimises your taxes even when you’re withdrawing funds from your account.


Tax-Aware Asset Allocation

Depending on the tax status of your accounts, we use different allocations for your portfolios. For example, we'll place bonds and Treasury ETF assets in your retirement accounts, where they can compound tax-free.


Direct Indexing

Direct Indexing conveniently and affordably enables you to directly own all the stocks in a major index (e.g. the S&P 500®), and harvest losses they might generate. These tax savings could be reinvested to generate significant value over time.


Tax-Efficient Account Transfers

Transferring an outside brokerage account into a The Money Pouch portfolio is simple — we’ll manage the transfer in a tax-efficient manner automatically free of charge.