Tax Planning

Smart Tax Planning to Reduce Your Taxes

Smart Tax Planning to Reduce Your Taxes

International Tax Planning

"We can help many nationalities and residents around the world with smart tax planning to lighten your tax burden"

Offshore Pension Trusts for Tax Reduction

"We can set up pension trusts for expats & international globetrotters"

Offshore Insurance Wrappers for Tax Reduction

"We can use either trusts or insurance wrappers or a combination of both to protect your wealth from tax, inheritance and court seizures"

Life Insurance Wrappers

Life insurance wrappers, if structured properly, can help you with asset protection and in many cases, tax reduction which will protect your wealth and your heirs from unnecessary taxation. These can often be used in conjunction with trusts or pension trusts for maximum protection and tax efficiency. It can also be a very useful structure to avoid double taxation if you are an expat resident abroad.

Tax Planning with Offshore Life Insurance Wrappers

Tax Planning Country by Country: Tax on Savings & Investments

Country Tax on Savings & Investments Without an Insurance Wrapper Tax With an Insurance Wrapper Wrapper Benefits
Austria 25% Capital Gains Tax, Reporting Requirement No Tax until Withdrawal; No Tax if Policy is for 15 Years+ No Tax after 15 Years, No Reporting Requirements
Belgium 27% Withholding Tax on Dividends, 15% - 30% on Savings Interest No Withholding Tax, Insurance Tax of only 2% Tax-free Growth, No Reporting Requirements
Italy Savings Interest and Dividends are Taxed at Your Highest Personal Income Tax Rate (23% to 43%) Tax Not Paid until Withdrawal Tax Deferral, No Reporting Requirements
France 18% Capital Gains Tax plus 12.1% Social Tax, Reporting Requirement Tax Not Paid until Withdrawal. Varies from 35% to 7.5% if policy term is over 8 years Tax Deferral, Wealth Reporting Requirements
Germany 25% Withholding Tax on Dividends & Interest, 25% on Capital Gains Tax Not Paid until Withdrawal Tax Deferral, No Reporting Requirements
Israel 25% Tax on Savings & Investments, Reporting Requirements Tax Not Paid until Withdrawal Tax Deferral, No Reporting Requirements
Netherlands 35% Withholding Tax, Personal Income Tax up to 52% Income Tax, Reporting Requirement 1.2% on Annual Policy Value Plus 30% on Fictitious Income of 4% p.a. on Value Contract Tax Reduced, Simplified Reporting Requirements
Spain Personal Income Tax Up to 49% and Capital Gains Tax of 19 to 21%, Reporting Requirement Tax Not Paid until Withdrawal Tax Deferral, No Reporting Requirements
UK Income Taxed at Highest Personal rate (20% - 40%), Dividends Tax (up to 32.5%), Capital Gains Tax (10% - 20%) Tax Not Paid until Withdrawal Tax Deferral, No Reporting Requirements
US Personal Income Tax up to 39.6% and Short/Long Term Capital Tax of 20%/39.6%, Reporting Requirement No Tax until Withdrawal (Special Conditions Apply) Tax Deferral, Regular Reporting Requirements

Please note the table above may not be accurate at present as tax rules change so frequently. Please use this only as a rough guide.

This is a very simplified view and also doesn't take other considerations into account such as tax thresholds, wealth tax, inheritance taxes and estate planning into account. Please consult a financial adviser and a local tax attorney for the latest rules and best practices.

Please contact us if you want to speak to an adviser about tax & inheritance planning.

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