Our Low Cost Fees

Our Low Cost Fees


The Money Pouch Fees

How Much Does The Money Pouch Cost?

Only 0.08% per month

The cost to buy/sell shares is only 0.005 USD per share

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and receive $25 per sign up*

A Fraction of the Price of a Typical Advisor

Most offshore portfolio bonds or investment platforms charge an annual fee of at least 1% on top of service charges and admin fees. Most financial advisers then charge 1% - 2% per year in addition. Then hedge fund managers can charge up to 2% with 20% performance fee on top of this.

So, most expats are paying at least 4% per year to have their finances managed due to all the costs, admin charges and hidden fees. We have reduced the charges down to below 1% per year and that includes all the sophisticated trading algorithms used to buy and sell stock/bond ETFs on your behalf.

Typical Cost for a $100,000 Portfolio


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