Our Low Cost Fees

Our Low Cost Fees



Individual / Joint Account Fees

0.04% per month for accounts under 100,000 USD / EUR / GBP

0.02% per month for accounts over 100,000 USD / EUR / GBP


Organisation / Corporation / Offshore Company Fees

0.04% per month for accounts under 100,000 USD / EUR / GBP


Trust Account Fees

Set Up Fee - 3,500 USD

Annual Fees - 2,000 USD (invoiced quarterly)

0.04% per month for accounts under 100,000 USD / EUR / GBP


All accounts are performance related and there is a 10% performance fee with a high water mark. This is taken quarterly and there is a 12-month look-back period. This aligns the company's interests with client's interests. In this way, we will always strive for best results, minimise risk for clients and invest in research as well as algorithm development for optimal returns.The cost to buy/sell shares is only 0.005 USD per share*


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A Fraction of the Price of a Typical Financial Advisor

Most offshore portfolio bonds or investment platforms charge an annual fee of at least 1% on top of service charges and admin fees. Most financial advisers then charge 1% - 2% per year in addition. Then hedge fund managers can charge up to 2% with 20% performance fee on top of this.

So, most expats are paying at least 4% per year to have their finances managed due to all the costs, admin charges and hidden fees. We have reduced the charges down to a fraction of that cost and that includes all the sophisticated trading algorithms used to buy and sell stock/bond ETFs on your behalf.

Typical Cost for a $100,000 Portfolio

the money pouch fees

The above chart shows the annual costs assuming a 10% per year return on the portfolio and do not include Interactive Brokers fees of 0.005 USD per share. If for any reason there is a losing year, you will only be charged $240 plus IB transaction fees. Fees pay for the algorithm development costs, investment management, running costs, regulatory costs, professional indemnity insurance, the investment platform, market data, server costs, cyber security, accounting, audit and legal costs. We strive to be the best roboadviser on the net and we will continue developing the algorithms if we find better strategies using machine learning and artificial intelligence, but investment research and development is costly. 

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