You can use our ETF stock trading signals with ANY online brokerage.
We recommend Interactive Brokers Pro as we can offer you a LIVE FEED of your investment portfolio holdings. Most online brokerages in 2020 now offer $0 fees for trading ETFs or very low cost.


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Typical Financial Adviser Fees

Minimum Investment $100,000
Investment Wrapper Fees 0.8 - 1.2% p.a.
Admin Fees $600 per year
Financial Adviser Fees 1% p.a.
Investment Manager Fees 0.5% - 2.5% p.a. plus performance fees
Currency Exchange Fees <2.5%
Dealing Costs $20 - $40
Bank Transfer Fees $30 transfer in / withdrawal


Our Fees

Minimum Investment $1,000 (we recommend $10k)
Entry/Exit Fee 0
Admin Fees 0
Monthly Fee See Above
Investment Manager Fees 0 - 0.5% for ETF fees
Currency Exchange Fees Spot rate
Dealing Costs $0 - $0.005 USD per share
Bank Transfer Fees $0 one free withdrawal per month

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Please note, these are two completely different services. We do not offer any financial advice.

These are monthly stock trading signals, where you need to login to a platform and place the trades yourself once per month. You have complete control over your trading and your money. The fees are much lower as there is no financial adviser, no investment manager & no insurance company. 

DIY Investing Vs Professionally Managed

If you want a "hands off" investment, we recommend you contact a financial adviser, who can write up a tailored plan to suit your lifestyle. A financial adviser will use a platform or an "investment wrapper" using a large insurance conglomerate which may be tax advantagous depending on where you live and where you will retire. These are then professionally managed by large investment fund houses such as Quilter Cheviot, TAM Asset Management & Brooks MacDonald Asset Management, for example.

If you want to be put in touch with a financial adviser, please contact us.

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