Interactive Brokers Account Management

Interactive Brokers Account Management

Interactive Brokers Account Management

Interactive Brokers Account Management

If you already have an existing Interactive Brokers account, we can manage your account for you. Our Interactive Brokers Managed accounts are set up as conservative, balanced or adventurous strategis based on your tolerance to risk.

If you are making less than 10% per year on your Interactive Brokers account, we can help you target stable, consistent long term returns.

Please note, that even with our proven algorithmic trading methods, accounts will still have periods of many months where the account has negative returns, this is normal. However, over 3 year periods or more, there is a high likelihood we will outperform the market. It is normal to have swings such as this and there is little you can do to avoid periods of drawdown except wait for markets to normalise and allow the strategies to rebalance, for example to hold more treasuries or cash in market downturns.

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Please download our free app on iTunes or Google Play and then fill in the RISK QUESTIONNAIRE. 

The RISK QUESTIONNAIRE will determine your risk tolerance and whether you should invest in a conservative, balanced or adventurous investment strategy.

After receiving your risk tolerance results, please fill in the one page application form. Just click, "I am an existing Interactive Brokers account holder" and fill in the short, one page form.

Interactive Brokers Managed Account

The Money Pouch sets up Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) for our clients. The Interactive Brokers Managed Accounts are managed by Hudson James Investment Management a licenced and regulated investment management company based in BVI.

You can read more here about our team and the algorithms we employ for our Interactive Brokers Managed Accounts. The custodian is Citibank in NYC. Click here to read more about the security of your assets

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Benefits of an Interactive Brokers Managed Account


  • Your Interactive Brokers account will be managed on your behalf
  • We can target stable, consistent returns with shorter drawdowns
  • Dividends will be automatically reinvested
  • No more chart watching
  • No need to login to your account every day
  • Your account is managed on auto pilot by our investment algorithms
  • Your investment portfolio is optimised automatically every month
  • Your portfolio is hedged with treasuries and/or gold and/or cash

Please contact us to find out more about Interactive Brokers Account Management. 

The Money Pouch employs an automated investment strategy to take care of your monies. This reduces human error is stock trading.


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