What is a Roboadviser?

What is a Roboadviser?

What is a Roboadviser?

A Robo-Advisor is an online wealth management service that provides an automated, algorithm-based investment advice. Essentially, it takes your cash and invests it in a mix of stock and bond ETFs to save for retirement. The roboadviser consists of an automated trading programme which trades on your behalf monthly. 

Our service is premised on consistent and overwhelming research which shows that index funds significantly outperform an actively managed portfolio. We then reduce risk through diversification of assets and by holding some US treasuries for safety. This means in a stock market crash, your investment portfolio will be more protected and will fall less or may even increase during bear markets.

Roboadvisors have exploded over the last few years as savers are looking for a low-cost way to save money for retirement. It is estimated that over 2 trillion dollars will be invested in robo advisers over the next five years.

How Does a Roboadviser Work?

The robo adviser first needs to work out your risk score from a quick questionnaire you fill in online, You can see the questionnaire by clicking on the home page GET STARTED button. You then know your RISK SCORE.

The robo adviser will then generate an investment portfolio of stock and bond ETF's based on the answers to your risk questions. Click here to find out what are ETF's?

The Money Pouch goes a step further by also automatically buying and selling these shares of ETFs on your behalf whilst also automatically reinvesting the dividends.

The Money Pouch is aimed at expats and international employees around the world. Our robo advisor reduces risk by buying low and selling high whilst frequently trading to lock in profits. This is all done for you on auto-pilot.

This is the ultimate lazy way to invest and is programmed by professional stock traders. Click here to learn more about our algorithmic trading team and investment management team.

Essentially, you are getting a financial adviser, a hedge fund manager, an automated trading system and an investment platform all wrapped into one service at one low cost.

That is 4 services at 1 low cost!

The Money Pouch automatically buys and sells shares on your behalf every month, something a regulated financial adviser isn’t able to do as it is too time-consuming and expensive.

You will pay a fraction of the cost you normally would, especially if you are talking to a financial adviser in the expat market where fees can easily reach 2% - 4% per year or more. 

Our fees are only 0.08% per month.

Our robo adviser assesses your risk, assesses the amount of time you need to invest and then comes up with a risk adjusted portfolio for you instantly. This saves you both time and money.

Then, you will have more free time to spend with family and friends. No need to pour over tedious technical charts and guess which stocks may outperform.

Even the King of stock picking, Warren Buffett, has advised his wife and family to invest in low index funds, such as ETFs upon his death. 

The Money Pouch automatically buys and sells ETFs to maximise your returns whilst reducing risk to protect your investment account from downward markets. 

This is the future of investing. 

We are always working on new strategies to improve both performance and client service.

ETFs are bought and sold every monthly automatically
The optimum amount of shares will be bought to keep risk fairly consistent
Dividends will be automatically reinvested
Trusts can be set up for estate and inheritance planning
Life Insurance wrappers can be set up for tax reduction

Click here to see the estimated annual returns from our investment strategies.

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